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There Performance Group's Services 

Financial Planning
Data Pulse - Store Monthly Dashboard


Analyse your market demographics to calculate your market size and market share. Define a unique market positioning (product / people / processes). Detail your financial projections and create a plan to achieve monthly targets. Layout an investment plan. 


A comprehensive data map you must have to measure your store pulse and take informed decisions. Our Store pulse monthly dashboard turns data analytics into actions. Our scorecard approach will review your store from all angles and provide you with a full picture of your store's performance and solutions to increse profit or bring the store back to profit. 

Marketing / Branding


If you had to choose your store's #1 quality for which you are and wish to be known for, what would it be? On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rank the  uniqueness of your attribute compared to other liquor stores?


Our consultants view branding as connecting with your customers, becoming visible to the market place and giving shoppers a purpose to connect with your business. Identify marketing channels to communicate your unique selling proposition. Design your marketing / advertising materials and develop your communication plan.

Store Set Up


Our market independence enables us to estimate your financial projections, optimize the store design to your advantage, select performing products from wholesalers and achieve superior execution with access to our preferred vendors network (architects, contractors, coolers, shelvings, POS System, credit cards processing, accountants)

Store Relocation - Site Selection
Exit Strategies


A store's location is the # 1 biggest factor of a liquor store revenue and success. Our team has developped a powerful geomapping system to locate the ideal local trade zone areas to place a wine & spirits retail store for each city in the state of Arkansas. Our model plots all competitors, churches, schools, population, income, daily street traffics.


The magic begins with connecting the right people together. Our team has developed a database of buyers and sellers that have expressed interest in exiting or entering the wine & spirits industry. After conducting a financial analysis and valuation of the store, we help you engage in negotiations. If you have interest in entering the wine & spirits industry, Also if you are interested in being added to our database of buyers and sellers of wine and spirits stores, contact us.

How much more can your store grow? 

Access local market data. Get advice from local experts. Execute the plan.

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