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There Performance Group - liquor store
There Performance Group

Think Bigger. Go Beyond.



It all started in Shanghai, China around three glasses of cabernet sauvignon. The three partners had notable international experience and brought strong expertise in their respective industries: finance, retail management and marketing. It just so happened that this team of a French routed guy, a seasoned corporate citizen of the world and a country girl turned culture lover all shared a common passion for wines & spirits. 

With Little Rock Arkansas being the hometown of one of the partners, our attention was drawn to this amazing state known across the world for producing some of the world's largest businesses and even Presidents. We all agreed it would be a great place to launch. (Meet the Team)

There Performance Group (TPG), a results-based management company was founded in 2014 on a simple, yet powerful premise:


  —Be the Champion of the Independent Liquor Store Retailer across America—

And while There Performance Group (TPG) may be a relatively “new” company based in Little Rock, Arkansas, our partners have extensive experience and successful track records in their respective areas of expertise.  This “real world” experience combined with “new world” business management and marketing tools provide a cost effective foundation for any independent liquor store retailer to not just “survive” but also THRIVE in the world of the Big Box chains.   


As we say at TPG, our goal is to support locally owned businesses (“Main Street”) against the Big Box chains (“Wall Street”) by providing the independent liquor store retailer with all of the essential tools and support needed to compete effectively and successfully manage their business.  Whether it’s a new or existing location, we help take your business from its current state (“Here”) and get it to where you would like it to be (“There”) in the future.  This means not just working “hard” but also working “smart” and understanding the many competitive advantages of the locally owned liquor store and how to capitalize on these competitive strengths and create sustainable profitability and growth.


We use a modular, process-driven approach in crafting the strategy and action plans for the business and then customize them to the needs of each individual client.  The result is a combination of proven business methodology and tools with customized business solutions to create the optimal plan for each business owner.  As we like to say here at TPG, we’re like a franchise support program without the high franchise fees!

Our Team
Francois Guilloux
Managing Partner

Robert Moschorak
Senior Partner

Francois Guilloux is a global strategy management executive with 12 years experience in the finance industry. He has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups across three different continents to design the roadmap of their market and growth strategy, raise assets, improve sales and profitability. He is an expert in the field of finance, data analytics, sales and has been a featured presenter in several countries on the subjects of strategy planning and fund raising. Prior to founding There Performance Group, Francois served as Director of the strategy consultancy firm Z-B Advisors in Shanghai, China.

Robert “Bob” Moschorak is a global management executive with 30 years of experience in the retail industry.  He has helped hundreds of businesses in over 60 countries improve sales, profitability, market penetration, brand positioning and operational execution across a number of industries.  He is a recognized expert in the field of franchising and retail operational management and has been a featured speaker in several countries on the subjects of franchising, retailing, and brand leadership.  Mr. Moschorak recently served as President of Ace Hardware International leading all Ace operations outside the USA including oversight of all master licensees and distributors across 60 countries

Christophe Guilloux 
Digital Marketing Manager

Christophe Guilloux is a marketing executive with 8 years experience in the marketing industry. He has helped companies in Europe and United States to design respectively their online marketing plan and customer experience flow online. He is an experienced professional in the field of digital marketing, branding and marketing strategy.

How much more can your store grow ?

Analyze your financials, products, processes and people. Start planning the future.

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