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Turn Data Analytics into Profits


The wine and spirits retail industry is a data and people driven world. We help people get control of their data and make informed decisions at all stages of their growth. 


We screen your operations from all angles to identify your immediate areas of growth.

" My store was upside down. You turned around my gross profit margin number and brought me back to profit. Thanks for pointing me towards products with above industry margins", a liquor store owner in Little Rock

We believe that thinking beyond our own limits always leads to great success.


Our story begins way back on the East coast of China, but we have never lost one single piece of our initial dream: empower retail business owners with the same management tools that drives the success of large corporations.

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"My store was upside down. You turned around my gross profit margin and brought me back to profit. Thanks for pointing me towards products with above industry margins," - owner of a wine & spirits store in Little Rock

Our team produces market research and strategic perspectives on the wine industry in Arkansas. We post updates on regulatory changes, trend spotting and insights from our featured experts. 


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